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Sean, "The Forkchop" Forker, is a Fortean Investigator with a primary focus on the research of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot. Forker became involved in the paranormal at an early age, heavily influenced by his father and grandfather, with such shows as Unsolved Mysteries, In Search of..., and Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World always being on the TV in the household. At the age of nine, he began reading heavily into the Bigfoot phenomena and entered into fieldwork at seventeen. 

He was a member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society from 2004 to 2014, when it was then incorporated into the Keystone Bigfoot Project, founded in 2012. The organization collected historical and current sighting reports, performed investigations, and conducted many field outings in Pennsylvania. Given his gained experience and judgment, The Board of Directors for The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers nominated Sean to serve along with them, where he served for several years. The AIBR was a nationwide, non-profit research organization that combined lay researchers and individuals from the scientific community. He continues to be very active in the field. 

In 2005, Sean joined the airwaves, featured on The 'X' Zone Radio Show w/ Rob McConnell, to discuss recent Bigfoot activity across the United States. The same year, partnering with Henry May and James Baker, the guys launched The Sasquatch Experience Radio Show to continue the discussions with researchers, witnesses, and scientists alike. 

Feeling the need to branch out into other areas of the unknown, Sean founded the paranormal-themed Beyond the Edge Radio with his mentor Eric Altman in October 2007. With various partners, Sean created and produced many different shows throughout the years, trying to hone his broadcasting skills.

In 2018, Sean took over the hosting duties of The Existence of Strange Things on Radio-Memphis. Grinding away for two seasons, realizing short-form podcasting was more comfortable and feasible, he founded SuperNRML with Vance Nesbitt, the former news anchor on TEST. Forker continues working away, producing podcasts on his favorite topics with talented co-hosts at his side. 

In 2020, Sean reconnected with Henry May, relaunching Sasquatch Experience. Joined by Vance Nesbitt, bringing you Stranger Than Fiction News, and again by James Baker, adding his comedic wit. This incarnation is once again becoming a fan favorite. 

His book, Elusive Truth: Sasquatch Experiences, is currently in development.